/ the content of this document in its entirety is, and shall remain, absolutely confidential and available only to the personnel of the company/entity/association and/or any other company and/or association, none excluded, to whom this documentation is addressed.
/ By handing over this document, each employee or collaborator of the addressee shall observe the strictest confidentiality of its contents. The addressee shall take all appropriate measures to safeguard confidentiality in particular with regard to economic conditions.
/ Complex bids or quotations requiring an extensive commitment on the part of the bidder may, in the event of failure, be invoiced at the standard rates applicable to the design.
/ Prices are generally discounted and exempt from VAT, which, if due, will be mentioned and charged to you.
/ Variations in the quotation in the quantities of the chosen items may lead to variations in discounts, delivery times and transport costs.
/ The reference costs of air/air/land transport are current as of the date the offer was prepared.
/ Prices are calculated on the basis of the exchange rate of the day at the counter for the reference currencies EUR/CHF/USD
/ Transport, unless expressly mentioned, is at your charge from our premises to destination.
/ Product delivery is to be considered the place of unloading indicated by the Buyer. The recipient of the product shall indicate at the time of order whether an unloading ramp will be available at the intended place of delivery, whether a tail lift is required, whether a hand truck or forklift is available. By signing the delivery note, the Buyer takes charge of the product, which passes under his sole responsibility.
/ Acceptance of the order between the Seller and the Buyer takes place upon receipt of the offer signed by the Buyer and confirmation of receipt by the Seller confirming it.
/ Excluded or expressly and separately quoted. The material is delivered in an assembly kit with detailed instructions.
/ Delivery time is currently approx. 60 working days from order. Summer and public holidays may further extend the delivery time.
/ Lead times start from order confirmation and receipt of down payment.
/ External factors such as epidemics and exceptional events may, in spite of ourselves, affect delivery times.
/ 50% on order by bank transfer in advance;
/ 50% Invoice 10 days after delivery.
/ Bank details: Postfinance Bern
- IBAN account: CH31 0900 0000 8010 6855 9
- QR-IBAN account CH79 3000 0001 8010 6855 9
/ 20 days from sending
/ The guarantees issued by the manufacturer are
* 1 year (12 months) for components in the event of proven manufacturing defects
In any case, components subject to vandalism or misuse by users of the equipment are not covered by warranty.
The warranties are applicable if regular maintenance is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions
/ The products are intended for public outdoor use.
/ The company declines any liability for assembly/installation defects not carried out by our company.
/ Upon approval of the quotation or payment of the agreed down payment, all conditions of the quotation shall be deemed accepted.
/ In the event of cancellation of the order by the customer, Tplay reserves the right to retain part of the possible advance payment to cover the commercial and administrative expenses incurred.
/ All the technical data sheets and descriptions of the articles are understood to have been viewed and accepted by the customer.
/ The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any disputes shall be Lugano (CH).
/ The sale is understood to be subject to retention of title until final payment is made pursuant to art. 715 CC subject to the obligation to inform any third party purchasers, or recipients under any commercial or non-commercial form, of the existence of the clause.
/ The commencement date of the CCN subscription for newly purchased products shall be two months after the withdrawal of the products from the factory.
/ At the end of the CCN subscription period, the subscription will be automatically renewed under the same contractual conditions as the previous contract. If the Buyer does not wish to renew, it must contact Tplay by
e-mail info@tplay.ch) within 60 days before the expiry date.